Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just a little thing

Got in the mood to illustrate a few basic fairy tale scenes. I tried to watercolor the beauty and the beast on at 1am, and ruined it completely. Trying again tonight.

I am trying to work on my penmanship so I can stop coming across as a 7-year-old serial killer in my hand lettering. More of my works will include text so I can practice that.

Of course, I wrote "Cindella" instead of "cinderella". Obviously I was so busy working on my letteirng I failed to notice everything else. Hooray for 2am spelling failures.


  1. These are great!!! makes me want to illustrate little fairy tales!

  2. Hahaha thanks Norman! You should do some! I have to get cracking on homework, though, haha. All of these exciting side projects are really interfering with my school work!

  3. that same concentrating misspelling phenomena happens in cake decorating....ask me how i know :/

  4. Let me guess, "Happy Birday to You"?