Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sugar Rush Me

I Sugar Rushed myself. This is a SUPER hasty sketch and it definitely has some weird problems. I need to study painting gummy stuff more, too. Anyways, I'll probably end up trying it again later.

I haven't even seen the movie yet! =(

See more Toon Portraits of my friends and colleagues here

Wonder Woman Sketch

A little warm-up/cool-down I did today around homework.

I never thought they made her look Greek enough or athletic enough.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Unkissable Cobra Draft One!

Hey guys. The book dummy get-together was awesome. I feel so inspired by the work I saw there, and the feedback was phenomenal. I have a TON of changes to make to this story now. The main ones are that I'm whittling the words down by around half, and the interactions of the cobra with the other animals is going to change a lot. I'll also be completely changing most of the layouts and spreads for the sake of flow and rhythm. There will be a little more comedy put in.

 It's going to be fun doing this again!

Here's the first draft of my very first children's book EVER!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Robots and Puppies, Oh My!

Hey guys. I'm hoping to finish off the first, very rough draft of my Children's book this weekend, nd show it to some people and try not to feel like the worst artist ever.

Meanwhile, here are some random pages from my sketchbook this week.


Here's me playing around with layout in isometric view, and then getting distracted 
by a frogbug and then some of the students in the class I'm tutoring in.

Here's a weird old man with a pipe, two worried ghosts and two doggies.

 Here is a... vase.. home?

Back to working on my book! I'll post the full draft sometime this weekend.