Thursday, September 30, 2010


Now you have been warned twice, and here's a third one: Warning, there are genitals in this post!

My warm-ups yesterday took a turn for the obscene. I don't know where it came from.

Click the images for a larger, better quality image!

That wasn't so bad, was it?

Poor Boyfriend. He asked for a sexy drawing of the the original three female 
villains from Batman... and this is what he got. I am the worst girlfriend.

Anyways. On to more serious matters.

I did another study of the Girl and Her Bot picture and liked this one much better.
Next step is a larger version.

Need to throw a touch of orange into the robot side of the background to really
make him stand out or "pop". And the old man's hair should be yellow. Otherwise,
I'm pretty satisfied with this one. So hoooray for practice!

And finally, here is a comic about cats!

I know I'm a cat person because I find every part of this adorable. 
"Awwww you horfed. How CUUUUTE"! 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dog Comics

Everyone loves dog comics. All comics should be about dogs.

For the record, the people in this comic are condensed interpretations of specific habits of each of the people they are meant to represent, and therefor are not entirely accurate (I am not a violent manic, Kelly is not a drunkard and Marcia... well.. maybe Marcia's pretty close to accurate.)

Click to view it larger.

Still working on other things, just in the midway stages of about 3 projects. Nothing's quite finished.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pin Up Girls whoo hoo

Well, here we go with the pin-ups. Here are the lines I did with an ink pen/nib:

The "Storm" One in the middle turned out total crap. I might re-do it with a less awkward pose.

And those are the painted versions done in watercolor and gouache. Really, this only served to show me how poor I am with watercolors. Which means I need more practice! Today I will be tackling that "Girl and Her Bot" painting again, this time hopefully with better results!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pin-ups and Kitty Cats

I had a long, frustrating day yesterday with art. Here are some sketches. I endd up inking the x-men women pin-ups.

 I'm going to paint them tonight.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Late Posts: Hopefully Not a New Trend

I have been wrestling with my muse all day and everything I churn out is crap. So I've thrown it all aside and am making the silliest thing I can think of. It would be funny if it worked out. Anyways, yestrday was another crap day where nothing I did worked out.

Here is the watercolor color study for the girl and her bot picture:

I am not handling the watercolor properly. I am annoyed with myself. Anyways, this got muddy until I stopped trying to add tone, then it began to look better. I need to simplify the color scheme even more, and I don't know if the background helps it or hurts it. Thoughts?


That's it for now. Back to my silly silly project.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Busy Day

Late post- busy day. Here are some warm-ups I did yesterday.

You see me emulating a little bit of Kate Beaton's style ( her work here ). The ones on the right are versions of me. The ones on the left are from photo referene. The classy old lady hobo is from a doodle a while ago (based on true events) That I keep coming back to. I just love her.

Some hyenas. And friends. Still sort of Kate Beaton's style.

Here, have some classy old lady hobo.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Lazy Day Off

I took yesterday easy, kind of giving myself a weekend with yesterday and today. Not doing anything too intense. I'm a little worried about burning myself out, and right now I have about 6 projects on the table to pull from and I have to figure out which ones are most important and which ones will get pushed off until next break.

So, I spent about two hours inking and messing with the Calaveras 2.0 painting, and then I just did from reference life-drawing with the ink pen. Having fun, rooting for inspiration. The calaveras painting I won't post until it's completely finished. Here are the ink warm-ups I did.

(This is the "looking at the upper left corner" page... I don't know why I did that... it was entirely unconscious!)

Today I am taking it easy again, doing chores and things, playing some video games, and working on a few color studies and a story I want to illustrate.

NOTE!!!! Did you all know that you can click on the images for a larger version???

ALSO!!! If you have a Google, Livejournal, Wordpress or OpenID account you can leave me comments! There's a little red link at the bottom of each post that has a number and then the word "comments". Just so you guys know- you don't HAVE to e-mail me whenever you have something to say about my art if you don't want to! (Not that I don't like the e-mails- I do!)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ruined Calaveras


I spent over six hours yesterday working on the painting of calaveras (see he sketch from yesterday). Because of the fine details in the image and how I wanted bright, vibrant colors, I chose to use Prismacolor markers for the calaveras themselves.  I had a little trouble with the ink bleeding (frustrating!) but was able to keep THAT to a minimum. Then I wanted a bright red background with a little bit of variance and texture so naturally I chose watercolor. I brushed rubber cement over the calaveras themselves to protct them.

Sadly, the rubber cement failed me and th red blotched the calaveras themselves, ruining the effect I wanted, and the watercolor ended up looking streaky and blah.

SO I am trying again. This time I'm going to try Acrylic for the background... we'll see.

Most of my warm-ups from yesterday were thumbnails. Thinking about postcards, things like that. The x-files comics were jotted down while I waited for ink to dry. I've been running a marathon off Netflix, haha.

Back to work!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Final Week of Costumed Figure

This was the last week of costumed figure. We had another model come in.

And the final I simplified a lot, going more graphically. I like it, though I still need to mess with the background some more. 

That's it for now. My warm-ups yesterday didn't get scanned and I'm still working on thepainting I started, so I will probably post those tomorrow instead.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Girl and Her Bot

Here are the figure drawings from the next week.

We did a couple of demos and lectures this wek, and no in-class model. So I brought this in drawn from a photo reference, as homework the following week. It's ink and ink washes, then colored digitally. There are some drawing problems, definitely. But it as my first time ever working with ink pens and nibs and man did I fall in looooove.

Then the following week we worked from a packet of photo references Lee brought in, and that's what these are:

This guy might look familiar! These are his origins.

And then the homework was to do another reference-based illustration. 

So these are what I did. The colored one is really just a color study- I had intended to try my hand at watercoloring this thing but ended up running out of time. I still want to go back and do it some day. I really got into using the ink pen/nibs here. I just love them so very much.

And here are some things I did yesterday.( NOTE: They are marked the 19th. That is because I thought yesterday was the 19th. Oops.)

(The Calaveras are for a friend. I'm using them as watercolor practice later today. I feel like working with some crazy bright colors.)

And I'm roughing out the layout and design for a couple of paintings. That's it from yesterday!

Monday, September 20, 2010


Another series done digitally with Sketchbook Pro.

The final this week fell flat. I was a little overwhelmed and I guess it got pushed aside. 

This is my watercolor practice from yesterday. Got a lot of problems, due to my inexperience with the medium. MORE PRACTICE!!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010



Oh man I need practice! This is a mix of watercolors and watercolorpencils.

Also a mix of watercolor and watercolor pencils. The "artfarts" Turned out to be more... literal... in color than I had intended at all. If I were to do it again, I'd have done them in a more saturated orange.

Did some more today- I'll post them tomorrow.

Switching to Digital

This week's Costumed Figure pieces were done digitally, using a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch and Sketchbook Pro. I like Sketchbook Pro's accessibility, and it tools are great for sketchy, gestural drawings. It isn't a program that lends well to finished work, however, so for the final I took it into Photoshop.

After working so much in traditional media, it took me a while to get used to digital again. Also, I was still learning this program. 

When I started adding tone and color, though, I really began to have some fun.

I personally loved how birdlike she seemed in this pose/outfit, so I really pushed that. I think I may have made her torso a little TOO curvy, however, and I lost the curve in her back leg that was so interesting. 

And now for some more warm-ups from yesterday!
Drawings from references, and a little bit of character design for a character from a comic book I'm developing the story for (upper right). LARPers are my new favorite reference material. Those costumes!!
This page has some thumbnails for a painting I am working on (upper right), and some thumbs (middle) for a poster contest I considered entering. I did the flawed Disney princesses for that poster as well, but the contest's "contract" seems like a bad deal so I decided not to enter. The creepy juggler gets to be my watercolor practice for today.

I did do some watercolors yesterday, and I will scan those in and post them later today.