Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Drink and Draw Doodles

We played drawing telephone and discussed plans for a zine book at the last drink and draw. But I got some random doodles in as a warm-up while we sorted ourselves out and ordered our big kid beverages, food, etc.

One of my pals was trying to sort out character designs for a giant cavewoman. Out of curiosity, I messed around with some shapes too to see what I could come up with. Here's my rendition (I'm sure hers will be much more exciting)...

Here are some miscellaneous doodles. I filled a few pages but a lot of it was crap or thumbnailing for other things. The girl is a character from a "Sword in the Stone" adaptation I'm working on. The left side of her face was burned badly as a child.

Then there's a dragon head and a guy with a rad moustache.

And finally, my greatest creation of all time- Mrs. Weenie.

That's it for now! Got a painting and a large tonal drawing to scan and post later this week, and hopefully some more storyboards. School is kicking me right in the butt-place! I can't wait to have an extra few hours to go to the figure painting class in a couple of weeks (quitting one of my 3 jobs).

*thumbs up*

(I found the secret to getting more traffic and it's to do more "Game of Thrones" fan art. So expect some of that come the end of this term. I'm talking to you, 13 people who found my blog searching for that term in Google this morning.)

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