Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Paintings With Oils!

So this term I painted with oils. I have tried this once before, back in the year 2006, but was deterred by a terrible instructor and a general lack of understanding.

This term was different. I started out super rough, but my instructor was able to shove, scrape and drag me through to some basic lower level of color awareness and media handling. I have to say, looking at the comparison between my first few attempts and my last few, I actually made some marked progress. I am a very long way from being "good", but I aim to keep practicing. I am switching from oils to acrylics though- oils aren't exactly thrilling me.  Expect some other paintings from me later on!

I'm posting these in chronological order.

This is a series we did where we painted the same location at 3 different times o day to study the way the shadows worked and also the way the temperatures in the light and shadows altered.




 The above left is a tonal study of the image next to it that I did before doing the actual painting. I didn't save many of my tonal studies- I painted over most of them. Oh well!

More playing around with light and color temperature. Living by an old graveyard is pretty awesome.

I have one more but it's still a little too tacky for scanning and I'm not terribly proud of it, haha. Figured my last day would be a mega "off" day.

So that's it folks! Painting is fun, exhausting and a lot harder than anyone ever thinks it is. Do it!


  1. awesome! i'm glad you gave the medium a second chance...kudos! .. i don't know the phrase 'color temperature'..... warm color vs cool?

    1. Yeah, color temperature refers to warm vs. cool colors. Greens and violets can go between the two.