Monday, December 17, 2012

IKEA Dress Me Up Challenge

Hey guys!

I participated last month in a scholarship challenge sponsored by Ikea. I submitted a concept sketch to a panel of judges depicting how I would decorate or "dress up" a standard Ikea Tarva dresser, and was one of 11 finalists chosen to actually bring the design to life.

This was my design idea.

We were then given a box of wood and supplies that, when following the instructors, eventually turned out to be a dresser.

Then I had to get my supplies. The paint place only had a blueish stain, no lavendar, so I ended up having to alter a bunch of colors to achieve the harmony I wanted. My original design was very royal blue, and my final one took a more traditional teal approach.

Here's the blue stain process.

And then I blocked in the colors. I was using teal, turquoise, royal purple and metallic gold.

And finally, the finishing details!

I'd say the whole thing took about 32 hours. I've never done anything like this before, and was SO impressed with what many of the other students did that my mind was blown on several occasions! This was a big group of super talented people!

The dressers are on display at our school gallery until the end of January, then will be on display through February at IKEA. At the end of the February, they'll be auctioned off to benefit the World Forestry Center.

Whew! (And yeah, I realize I totally lost a neck in there. I keep kicking myself over that.)

Here's a brief article on the design challenger winner!!

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