Friday, January 25, 2013

Mowgli's Brothers: Rough Tones Round 1

Hey guys, I'm working on a 3-image storytelling illustration sequence with one of my instructors (as well as an awesome peer) to guide me. The story is "Mowgli's Brothers" from The Jungle Book. I'v chosen three key moments in the story, and am working on building the best representation of those moments in 3 images.

SO far the advice is as follows:

Image 1: LOVE the style, break up the shapes a teensy bit more (paws? fur?)

 Image 2: Back to the drawing board. The concept isn't bad but I was trying to bite off too much. Revisit thumbnailing, try to reinterpret.

Image 3: Dutch the camera the other way, put Mowgli into perspective, give his body a bit of twist/force. Flatted the shapes more- bring it into the same style as Image 1. Make the wall behind Mowgli Black, and invert his shadow.

Back to work!! =)

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