Saturday, October 26, 2013

Figure Drawing Means I'm Covered in Charcoal

I went to a figure drawing session this week! OH MAN am I rusty with charcoal! Whooo!

I had a pretty rough start, and you can tell from the heavy-handedness that I was a bit frustrated with my results. It wasn't until I switched to pencil that I realized I was working just too darned small for charcoal (each drawing, save a few, is about 8"-11" tall/long ). How silly! I think next time I will try inks if I stay at this size.

Some of those three minutes were actually 1-2 minutes as I fussed with my materials. It takes me a while to get settled at these things if I don't have time to warm up first.

I finally switched to art pencils and suddenly everything got better. LET THIS BE A LESSON TO YOU! Don't be dumb about your medium! Charcoal needs space and time, for me anyways.

Because I was working so small, I was able to do some thumbnailing/experimentation with the last two poses in the time limit, which was nice. Next time I think I will work larger though, so I can really focus on lighting and line quality.

So much fun, though!!

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