Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Day Off

So I took yesterday off from homework and instead just sort of hashed out some comic ideas and then doodled while watching Dollhouse Season 2 (SO. MESSED. UP.)

Here are some doodles.

And then I was critiquing a friend on Deviantart who asked for advice on how to improve his skills at drawing female faces.Of course, my knee-jerk reaction is; draw from life. Draw from life a thousand million times. THIS IS HOW YOU GET BETTER AT DRAWING ANYTHING.

But on top of that there are some other basic things, like understanding form and anatomy (DRAW FROM LIFE), finding rhythms and repetetive shapes, and simplifying and emphasizing characteristic features that factor in.

I'm not sure I helped much (I think I just offended and confused him =( ), but it got me thinking that I haven't tried drawing faces in a while either. So I slapped together a ref page and sat down to do some 30-40sec sketches of each face.

WOW did I fail.  Here, you guys can be amazed at how much not drawing from life for a few months can MURDER YOUR ABILITIES. >.<

The reference sheet

The 40second studies
  Some are better than others but all are pretty bad. I do seem to be better at this sort of thing with a pen than with pencil for soem reason (probably because of Quicksketch class) so next time I will try tackling these with microns and see if I can do better. And next time I'll do some manfaces.

Obviously I need more practice! Anyways, back to homework!

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