Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Merlin's House- Final Tones

Final tones for Merlin's house set in 18th century India.

The keywords are:
Drunkenly leaning

 Click fr enlarged image.

Feedback welcome- it's due Thursday morning!


  1. ooh, i like this!looks so odd in this ordinary landscape of ordinary n pale houses(like the toutch of them surroundng buildings being quite "foggy"). it looks very "real", like it could be standing there. not to exaggerated, but definately not normal either. <3

  2. I love the shapes in the foreground elements, and the linework is organic, stylized and comes off as very intentional, even the less orthodox shapes of the buildings through the mist help to create a hierarchy of importance--something I struggle with in my art. The only thing in this that slightly bothers me is the composition of the values. Since the darks and main element--the house--are stacked so evenly on the right side of the page, it kind of creates an empty space left center. Like a line from the foreground to the background. I see that if this was in an animation and the main movement was coming from the pulleys and whatever they were lifting, it would serve as a sort of spotlight to have the background there so bereft of detail, but in this case, perhaps if whatever was on the end of the pulleys was visible--like a bucket, it would give that some of the focus, and keep the eye focused on the middle ground where it belongs. But this is a great design even without that. It's unexpected and whimsical and unique, and I feel satisfied with the level of detail expressed.