Friday, September 2, 2011

The Power of Pandas

I have SO MUCH STUFF to scan and put here and GUESS WHAT. I will probably do that Sunday. How cool is that?

In the mean time, an inspiring tale:

A year or so ago, the inspirational Meredith Gran of fame put up an ad asking for an intern. She was based in Portland, and I happened to be jobless. The only downside- it iterated that having a car was preferable.

This was one month after my car was stolen and the insurance company deemed it worth a whole $1200.

BUT I APPLIED. Because I am persistent and because I have hope and because I REALLY REALLY wanted to do it.

So I wrote an e-mail detailing my credentials, explaining my fervor for her experience and delicious, delicious talent, and stated that while I no longer had a car, I did have a bike that ran on the power of magical pandas, love, and my Chun Li thighs.

I then attached an image of how I imagined life would be as Meredith's Assistant.

 I got the job.

It was awesome.

I don't think I was perhaps the best fit for a long-term position like that, but I learned so so much about the business aspect of things. Also, I got to hang out and hobnob with Meredith, R. Stevens (, Aaron Diaz (, and Erica Moen ( and ). It was a great experience and I never would have gotten it if I hadn't taken a risk, put msyelf out there and proven that I would go above and beyond.


  1. I would have hired you too. That's a pretty great sketch.

  2. Amazing. We all need reminders that being creatively honest and not conforming to cookie-cutter 1980s-esque regulations about job decorum still works.

    And yeah, that sketch is amazing. Love love love it.

    Fun fact: I once got an interview for a job because under "special skills" I wrote that I could turn my elbows in a really funny (albeit grotesque) position.