Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hot Air Balloon

Another warm-up painting.

Gold gel pen, whoohoo!

Next warm-up piece may have multi-media. I'm trying to expand my horizons right now. I'm messing around with patterns and adding some new elements like 3D pieces to things now.

Meanwhile, I have 6-9 unfinished paintings on a larger scale for various people/projects I'm doddering through (most have just had their colors worked out). I'm taking a page out of a friend's book (quite literally) and building a "process book" which is a sketchbook with mutlimedia paper where I plot out each project from start to finish and have it all in one place instead of having a few things here, a color study there, some swatches pasted to the wall...

It's a novel idea to me but appeals to my need for simplicity.

School has begun which means more posts for you! I'm pretty stoked.

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