Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh Man Some Characters

Been crazy busy with schoolin's. Here are some character designs I've been working on for a re-visualization of Robin Hood set in 13th century Russia.

This is the Sheriff of Knottingham and the Kobold Hodekin who helps the Robin Hood character (named Leonid) in the woods. Hodekin is a German creature summoned by a young Sergei (The Sheriff) and forced to live in Russia against his will.

Neither of these are on style and both will be revisited/revised. they are also both far too heavily detailed and need to be simplified. Work work work...

Here are some Hodekin designs I discarded.

Here are the main characters.

Leonid/Robin Hood is still a WIP- I need to work on his face a bit more... clean him up.

Here are the last few characters.

Sveta the Wolverine pet of Marina/Maid Marian:

 I am going to give her a jeweled collar.

And, for comedic relief, Much, the Miller's Son who idolizes and emulates Leonid in everything he does and is constantly getting himself into scrapes:

This is my third re-do of Much and I think I finally got it nailed down.

Now I have to choose one characters to do a turn-around and sculpture of! Yay!