Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Batconomy, Noisy Boogers and Hamsters

I've been very busy lately and will continue to be so for a few weeks. I will do my best to update daily. I have been drawing the past few days, I just haven't had to time to scan things in and adjust them for the internet (which takes about 5-10 min per image blah).

Here are two comics and some hamsters.

True story. Marcia really is a very good driver normally. This was a fluke incident.
I'm sure other people can relate.

I am very aware there is no "p" in "hamsters". Thanks you. This was yet another instance where I was so focused on the lettering I completely forgot there was a real word in there somewhere.

And here I am playing with different shapes for hamsters. Note there is no kitty butt in this post.

There is, however, a hamster butt.

I'll color these guys later.

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