Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Food-Delerium and some Star Treks

I didn't have time  to eat until 6pm on Monday, and I get pretty crazy without food (in fact, I start getting headaches and cranky after about 4-5 hours without food). I scared a bunch of people in Whole Foods, muttering and giggling at my soup.

Yesterday I had a bad case of The Doldrums. To shake myself of it I watched some Star Trek on Youtube. I am a Star Trek Fan. I love it! TNG and Voyager are brilliant shows about the human condition, and are overall pretty well written.

And Picard/Patrick Stewart is a sexy, sexy bald man.

I watched Voyager (and TNG) with my Mom regularly. Captain janeway had a huge influence on me as a person, and I really just thought she was the best. At some point the producers realized men weren't watcing the show (Catherine's no-bullshit attitude and pratical Captain's wardrobe scared them off) so they introduced 7 of 9, a Borg Victorias Secret model in a skin-tight body suit and stilettos.


Anyways, Seven turned out to be ok after a while, when they got so many complaints that they toned down the sexy appeal a bit and made her a little more like a human being and not a walking sex robot.

Still, any time I talk about Voyager to a male Trekkie, all they talk about is how hot Seven is. Seriously. Bah.


  1. First off let me say. You are completely bonkers; and I love it. The sooop is great; not many things drawn by people at this school make me laugh. But you seem to do it on a semi regular bases. Don't stop being silly.

  2. Hahaha, aw Norman!

    Are you kidding? My silliness is my strongest virtue! Apparently "neurotic" and "socially repugnant" don't count.

  3. Wellll, I was trying to be polite, and leave it at silly.

  4. i contra danced with 7 of 9 once...... it was hot

  5. I loved Janeway also. I always saw 7 of 9 as a new Diana Troy.

  6. Yeah, right? Yeesh. I guess it was necessary since it's on TV.