Friday, November 12, 2010

Color Swatches and Book Sketches

Here are the time-consuming but super-helpful color swatches I've been painting to catalog my paints and how they mix together on the paper I'm using. 

And then for homework we are taking the thumbnails of illustrations for our Children's Book and coming up with some finished sketches.  I'm playing around with composition on these to see if I can think of anything more interesting.

Text: This girl at school named Sophie asked me to babysit her fish 
when she goes to stay at her gram's house this weekend.
"Jake," Sophie said, "Will you take care of Yo-Yo?"
I've never met Yo-Yo, but I said okay.

Then he worries about whether he can take care of the fish and what kind of things fish need.

Text: What if Yo-Yo wants to play a game after eating a snack?
What kind of games do fish like to play?

Then he worries about if Yo-Yo needs to take a nap, and will he want his special blanket.

Text: Do fish care if their special blankets are all wet?

And then here are a few others for fun. One is he's exhausted already and Sophie hasn't even dropped Yo-Yo off yet, and the other one is when she comes to his house to drop Yo-Yo off.

So I have to figure out which of the first three I like best, then bring them to a finished sketch stage.

And then do it with the rest of the 32-page book!

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