Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Eyes are Bigger Than My Drawing hand

So I bit off way more than I can chew this term and as a result haven't really been able to stay on top of anything properly, much less do drawings. I haven't had time for warm-up drawings around massive AfterEffects animation projects, 35hours of work, watercolor paintings/thumbs and revamping my portfolio pieces. I am not really positive that I was ready for this Portfolio class only because I don't have any really finished pieces, at least nothing portfolio-quality. (I kind of don't even know what I want to focus on!!!).

So all of that is mounting and I am way stressed out.

I will keep posting things as they come but I can't guarantee they will be super exciting or fun or even frequent. I am going to have to go back to sticking with two classes a term after this, even though it pushes my graduation date back even farther. >.<

Thanks for your support!!


  1. i love keeping up with the sketch blog and will look forward to seeing it whenever you have time for it ... i have always thought you were a terrific artist ...but now that i've seen how your classes have improved your work i know the sky's the've got rockets in your pockets.... so don't be stressed, have a cup of tea and then jump right back on that panda and fly!!!! love ya!

  2. Is that the foundation portfolio class? Dude, you're going to over do it. My advise, don't worry to much about the class, just make the business card, basic website, portfolio and real. Thats more than enough work. I just did that, and instead of revising all that old work, I just added the stuff I made in my other classes that quarter to my portfolio. Because really that class is just a way for you to see how to make that stuff.

  3. Phil freaked me out by telling me that I have nothing worth putting into my portfolio. Also, he is grading based on the quality of work, so if I have everything perfect but nothing in my portfolio is industry standard, I FAIL....