Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hey guys. here are the final illustrations for the last two weeks of costumed figure drawings. I have to do all of my finished illustrations in a style, and they need to be consistent and portfolio-ready.

All of the blacks/inks are done with ink pen/nibs and the colors are in photoshop with some homemade ink textures over top. I lscanned the thumbs for these but I can't find them so no process this time, sorry.

My concept was that they were two secret agents forced to work together. The guys is more a fun-loving macho man and the chick is all business butt-kicking. Cue sit com.

I'm re-doing the guy later, and removing that weird background element (the brick thing).


  1. Haha, these are cute. I'm really digging that last one.

    But you're a punk! I wish I was in that class too. everyone had way awesome work!

  2. Aw. I love these. Your creations always have so much character!