Friday, September 17, 2010

More Costumed Figure

Today I go say goodbye to some friends who are graduating. Here is the next set of drawings from Lee's class.

This model's hair was freaking incredibly fun to draw. I started to experiment a little here with design elements like background shapes and things. I struggled for the first part of the class, as you can see, on this one until I switched media.

Still struggling...

Ah, switching media did the trick! This is just blue Col-erase pencil with blue prismacolor pencil over top.

Back to playing heavily with shape and design.

I'm pretty disappointed with my final for this week. I should have come through and done another version of it, fixed some of the tangent issues, pushed the shapes a little more, things like that. I wanted that rough, storybook/ children's book illustration look, but could have chosen a better media to work with. Maybe I will revisit this piece later in watercolor or digitally.

And here are things I am in the process of working on:

They began as doodles and evolved into inking practice and later today I will tackle them with watercolors and see if I can bring them to life. If you look closely at them you can see that my nibcontrol (my inking quality) is pretty lacking. Need more practice! Also, I got impatient with the guy at the top, and ended up with a big fat blorb of ink by his shirt. Still contemplating how to deal with it (of if I should do anything at all).

That's it for now!

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