Sunday, September 19, 2010

Switching to Digital

This week's Costumed Figure pieces were done digitally, using a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch and Sketchbook Pro. I like Sketchbook Pro's accessibility, and it tools are great for sketchy, gestural drawings. It isn't a program that lends well to finished work, however, so for the final I took it into Photoshop.

After working so much in traditional media, it took me a while to get used to digital again. Also, I was still learning this program. 

When I started adding tone and color, though, I really began to have some fun.

I personally loved how birdlike she seemed in this pose/outfit, so I really pushed that. I think I may have made her torso a little TOO curvy, however, and I lost the curve in her back leg that was so interesting. 

And now for some more warm-ups from yesterday!
Drawings from references, and a little bit of character design for a character from a comic book I'm developing the story for (upper right). LARPers are my new favorite reference material. Those costumes!!
This page has some thumbnails for a painting I am working on (upper right), and some thumbs (middle) for a poster contest I considered entering. I did the flawed Disney princesses for that poster as well, but the contest's "contract" seems like a bad deal so I decided not to enter. The creepy juggler gets to be my watercolor practice for today.

I did do some watercolors yesterday, and I will scan those in and post them later today.

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