Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Girl and Her Bot

Here are the figure drawings from the next week.

We did a couple of demos and lectures this wek, and no in-class model. So I brought this in drawn from a photo reference, as homework the following week. It's ink and ink washes, then colored digitally. There are some drawing problems, definitely. But it as my first time ever working with ink pens and nibs and man did I fall in looooove.

Then the following week we worked from a packet of photo references Lee brought in, and that's what these are:

This guy might look familiar! These are his origins.

And then the homework was to do another reference-based illustration. 

So these are what I did. The colored one is really just a color study- I had intended to try my hand at watercoloring this thing but ended up running out of time. I still want to go back and do it some day. I really got into using the ink pen/nibs here. I just love them so very much.

And here are some things I did yesterday.( NOTE: They are marked the 19th. That is because I thought yesterday was the 19th. Oops.)

(The Calaveras are for a friend. I'm using them as watercolor practice later today. I feel like working with some crazy bright colors.)

And I'm roughing out the layout and design for a couple of paintings. That's it from yesterday!

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