Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ruined Calaveras


I spent over six hours yesterday working on the painting of calaveras (see he sketch from yesterday). Because of the fine details in the image and how I wanted bright, vibrant colors, I chose to use Prismacolor markers for the calaveras themselves.  I had a little trouble with the ink bleeding (frustrating!) but was able to keep THAT to a minimum. Then I wanted a bright red background with a little bit of variance and texture so naturally I chose watercolor. I brushed rubber cement over the calaveras themselves to protct them.

Sadly, the rubber cement failed me and th red blotched the calaveras themselves, ruining the effect I wanted, and the watercolor ended up looking streaky and blah.

SO I am trying again. This time I'm going to try Acrylic for the background... we'll see.

Most of my warm-ups from yesterday were thumbnails. Thinking about postcards, things like that. The x-files comics were jotted down while I waited for ink to dry. I've been running a marathon off Netflix, haha.

Back to work!

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